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Noah’s Unnecessary Expectations or what’s all this fuss about Rock People?

30 Aug 2014


This is a review by a Christian on a recently released controversial film that is optimistic. Thus my promoting it…

Apt Metaphor

imageDarren Aronofsky’s Noah, like many movies dealing with Christian subject matter, has become a topic for heated debate. My friend John Hawthorne has been talking a lot about debate in the American Christian socio-cultural world.

One thing seems very clear: Christians are getting really upset about some things they don’t think are very Christian. And that’s leading to other people questioning the veracity of what makes a thing Christian. As John has rightly pointed out, the wrestling* is not a bad thing (C.S. Lewis would certainly have approved, and gotten right into the swing of it), but the vilification, fear mongering, and hate speech is.

So where does that leave a Christian Hipster going to the movies?

I took my film class, a dozen plus students from a Christian institution, and my Sunday school-teaching mother to see Noah last weekend. My mom, if anyone, could point out the Biblical…

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