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Beliefs require accountability

15 Oct 2014


Beliefs are really at the very fundamental core of our being.  And they *do not* have to be religious beliefs.

They determine our decision making process, even before decisions are to be made…  Decisions that are then made are filtered through a belief bias.  But is bias ever avoidable?  Is there anyone who is able to dodge around bias?  Is there even a way to limit bias? After a decisions made, character is developed, and they show signs of an internal belief system functioning.  It is the endoskeleton that gives the body it’s frame.  If there are fragile beliefs that are borrowed from someone else, will they be passionately promoted by the person, or will they be silently lived out in a half-hearted conviction.  What if every person could individually stop and refine thier belief system.  Each person could go through a time of self-reflection, and internal reasoning – a internal organization process.  Each person could put things in place that they would want to believe based on solid evidence, and soundly disagree with other things based on other concrete evidence.

How much of a change would this make in society if everybody did this?  How important are beliefs in our day in age?  How much does education factor into shaping our belief systems?  Or church?  The home?  What other factors are telling us what to believe that is really not our own, but because there is a laziness to really address it, we live a life that is based on roots that are borrowed from someone else?

Beliefs are really only allowed to be chosen if different options are available.  For instance, if there is no evidence that there has always been fifty stars on the U.S. flag, then there would be no reason to consider that a possibility to believe.  But such conspiracies do exist out there.  Speculation that attempts to look into history and see what could have been, or sometimes what should have been, and then rewrite neural pathways until it is the only logical belief to have.  But what if individuals look for several different pathways for each of the important factors in thier life?  What are they made of?  Scientists tell me that.  But some scientists believe we are made in different ways.  Will I exist forever?  Well, the Bible teaches that I will, (or at least that is what my pastor tells me the Bible says).  How will such an individual know for sure his beliefs are sound if he does not do the hard work of identifying the authenticity of the claims in his belief system?

Beliefs really do show up everywhere.  Watching a movie, we make predictions in our heads as to what the outcome will be, and then our emotions are tore apart when the movie concludes differently then our prediction, which we leaned on, because it is the only way to not be completely confused throughout the whole movie.

What about relationships?  Does she like me?  If a person is forthright and ask that question, then he/she has to make a guess in his head, and then act on that prediction, hoping for the best.  If the prediction is wrong, then that person is torn apart, and it is his/her own fault for leaning on his/her own prediction, without having any concrete evidence to back it up.

Beliefs define us.  They come out in what we do, they are reflected in the manner of our communication.  They release that which is inside us, even if we didn’t consciously choose them.  Do you know what you believe?  Are you comfortable with it?  What is stopping you from taking a fresh start with your beliefs, so you are internally consistent

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