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The spiritual cliff of quantum physics facing science

13 Dec 2014


Has empirical science found a dark and mysterious unknown that it can’t possibly hope to identify, let alone reverse engineer?

Was it inevitable that science would find it’s boundaries?  Was the thought that where men fail, their procreated “virtual reality” and self-correcting artificial intelligence would take up the boton?  It’s the age-old question:  Can God create a rock to big to lift?  Can man create a machine that can outsmart his creator?  And is the that newly self-developed, evolved creature going to out do itself with a creature that will make it obsolete?  Any wise individual would suggest that creating a creature that is capable of beating him would know not to build it.  Yet, oh temptation, the mystery of the unknown… Where can our combined intelligence take us?  Where it lead?  Who is really in control here anyway?  Our competitive nature?  Is this the fate we wish to give ourselves to, and what if it fails, and we are incapable of outsmarting ourselves with artificial intelligence?  What a tremendous, world-wide tragedy it would be to carry on having largely depleted our resources in pursuit of an elusive theory.

The theory of relativity, what Einstein astonished the world with in the early 20th century, now appears depreciated with modern discoveries of theoretical physics.  What numbers have supposedly produced, and seem to indicate is solid and dependable, may only be accessible by measurements and theoretical discussion.  What mathematics have suggested in out there pushes beyond what science can hope to study any time soon, and if science could reach the potential to observe twice as much as it does now, where does the rabbit trail end?  Does every new discovery have ten new networks connected to it?  Does the subject of science eat itself up in discovering for the sake of discovery?  Does learning take the place of loving?  Can life continue when all that happens in pure, raw knowledge input?  Will the infatuation destroy good, and intelligent people?

What is the alternative to singularity, if that is supposedly the destination based on certain technological  statistics?  Does human life end if singularity takes over.  Do souls continue to exist?  Is there any predictions into the deep black of a unified digital existence?  And if it is an emotionless, stable lull, then is that really what we want life to turn into?  Is a lull the ultimate freedom mankind has been looking for?  How does the spiritual realm fit into the proposed scientific quantum world?  What is going on in the other dimensions that would allow us to see and experience things that are foreign and alien to us, and do religions have the scientific authenticity to shed light on what science is only barely discovering?

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