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Human Nature, Human Spirit

18 Apr 2017


Human_nature_human_spirit_banner_smallWhile there are actions that take place on a primal, primitive level from instincts of men, there are deeper ideas that precede those actions from the human spirit. 


The human being is a remarkable marvel to behold.  From the muscular-skeletal anatomy and functional physiology that proceeds from it, to the psychological imagination and sociological expression that follows that; humans have remained the breath-taking source of reverse-engineered scientific discovery since the dawn of time.  It is unapologetic ally ironic that the greatest discoveries of human perception has been that which is in us from the beginning.

Bodily Might

The Physical structure of the human body is exceptionally exquisite.  With many estimates putting the number of distinct organ systems in the body body at eleven, each of these are not only meticulously complex, they are also brilliantly integrated.  The Central Nervous System (CNS) extends beyond the brain itself into a centralized, vertical hub down the body, coordinating and off-setting the tasks ultimately directed to the different partitions of the brain.  While the central control center of the body exists at the top, the powerhouse that flushes fresh electrolytes, nutrients, oxygen, and numerous other essentials is located closer to the bodily center of the body.  Further integration allows density, and articulated movements and maneuvers at the local and corporate level with the muscular-skeletal system.  Self-cleansing and metabolism take position to process essential nutrients and minerals, dispose of them, and fight off toxic microscopic invasions through the digestive, excretory, and skeletal systems.

Revolutionary Psyche

The human mind has long been the subject of great exploration, research, and speculation.  Much of it has been shrouded in very deep mystery and subsequent intrigue.  How much control does the spiritual self have over the body if it is allowed?  This has permitted incalculable imaginative depictions in in books, comics, film, word-of-mouth stories, and theatrical adaptions.  What are it’s limits?  The brain is a piece, but it only coordinates in-tandem with the other components in-tandem with the other components of the Nervous System.  What abilities can man achieve if he can align these components together?

While all of this sounds very profoundly fantastical and poetic, it is itself mostly the imaginative expressions of what is unknown.  But observations are coming to light that testify to an integrated system of control and spiritual influence of spirit and body.  But what are the concerns of this?  While meditation and mindfulness may indeed seem harmless and positive, it still may unlock new potential that humans are habitually not accustomed to.  Without a dependable mentor or relationally-safe place, these new physiological capacities may be used for harm rather then good.  Consider martial arts as an example (although not in exclusivity).  Those who study these arts are taught not only the physical maneuvers, and the mental focus necessary to hold them – they are taught honor, respect, relational patience. There are moral and ethical counterparts to the physical systems. While this is an obvious example, consider a more logistical sister activity: marksmanship.  The clear and calculated control of sophisticated ballistics requires a through understanding of the firearm, the munitions, safety, firing pin, chamber, and environmental factors in the event of great distances.  A distracted mind can cause the gunman to lose their focus and poise, and the apply pressure on the trigger, causing either a high-caliber release with great penetration, wide shrapnel spread, or highly-explosive surface impact.  The poise is taught thoroughly, and in more then just though who carry firearms in the military or other protective societal programs.

While muscle memory is highly-sought after for it’s stability and longevity in the workforce, it’s the underlying spiritual dimensions running through the heart of the community that the deepest beliefs and loyalties come out.  Emotions can distort perceptions and decisions, but they also give meaning and substance to what is beyond the organizational systems.  Ethics and morality orient proper appreciation of how and when to trust scientific innovation and advancement.  The relationships we share with others in life is often the greatest affirmation of the work we carry out on a daily basis.  Even at the most selfish level, individuals look to the admiration of others for at least some of their self-worth and identity.  Some hold the belief that they are composed of their memories and experiences.  Some put their entire healthy state on the well-being of those they are closest to.

I recently read an article claiming work being done to produce muscular tension produced by software algorithms for use in Virtual Reality environments.  This is one of the last barriers that separates reality and simulated reality.  The human body has five main senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  If a virtual wall can be felt when it isn’t there, what is the average mind to do with this?  Will fitness programs be written to allow it’s users to strap in and mentally lift weights and allow electrical impulses to be sent through external wires rather then physical ones?  What happens if, in the midst of the immersion, the power goes out, and the jarring transition of Virtual Reality back to the real world is too much and sends a person into shock?  Will we be prepared to deal with the psychological trauma of Artificial Intelligence bots intellectually bullying the Einsteins and Hawkins?  Preserve the tool of caution as we move forward into this new technological era – remember where freedom is….

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