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Bearing Image

21 Jun 2017


drawing_small.pngChristians recognize Jesus brought them into a place of redemption from a tragic human separation from God.  He has placed us into a new, clean slate before the Father.  This image is well-known and immediately recognized in our modern culture of both an external religion, and internally as the transforming life transition.

But there is another image that all bear (according to the Genesis narrative): The Creator’s Image.  Consider this for a moment.  The Creator draw from His deeply immense creative wealth in the fabrication of the human being.  He crafted not only our Immaculately complex bodies, but our intricate minds, and our extravagantly expressive souls.  We are appropriately defined as imagination bearers.  But whose imagination?  Imagination is a particularly difficult concept to clearly define and identify the boundaries of.  It reaches seemingly to an endless expanse.  It is from this place that I think colors and clarifies the most beautiful and rich moments in our lives.

From it discovery can occur and materialize physical objects and systems where none seemed to exist.  Imagination is able to pull from a limitless place something tangible and palpable. Imagination comes from a place of rest.  Continuing with the symbolic source narrative of the Genesis narrative – the seventh day represented a place of pause (of reflection, and blessing).  Imagination could need said to need some medium of transition: for the writer: free writing; for the entrepreneur: brain storming; and for the engineer: the blueprints.

Imagination need to be harnessed by some contextual structure for it to illicit value.  Ideas undisclosed are untransitioned potential intellectually palpable, but unrealized otherwise. Finding the right representative tangible symbols allow transition to occur (shapes, colors, viscosity, duration etc).  Furthermore, defined clarity communicates better concrete transitions.  The right vocabulary offers articulate edges, principle functionality, and time/space merging of metaphysical concept. The Creator forged the known universe by speaking it into existence. Structure had to be defined from raw imagined concept.

Defining the image of a god is like trying to calculate pi: it always extends further.  God is inexhaustibly deep,  But greater still is the mysterious relational interaction of the trinity. From this vantage point, communication had meaning.  Definition was received and corporately contemplated and crafted (Jn. 1:3).  But raw ideas are defined and materialized, but still not animated…  Just because pi is not fully defined or understood, does that mean we don’t endeavor to apprehend it?  No!  We have processed hundreds of digits, just have we approached miniscule temperature distended from absolute detail.

Is there New Testament parallels for this?  Recall the words of Paul where he instructs the early Christians to have a proper interpretation of tongues when in the presence of others (individual speaking need not be interpreted for lack of a receptive audience).  Spirituality remains obscure until it is manifested in a relatable, physically-tangible form.  This was embodied for the Israelites in the Old Testament by Ark of the Covenant representing the presence of God, and the tabernacle being the sacred space to specify that sacred and Holy atmosphere.  Or when the time was right, The incarnation of God in the person of Jesus.  Communication is most effective when it is specific and well-defined.

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