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Smoke Simulation Renders!

17 Nov 2018


Smoke simuations have been an area of interest of mine for a long time. In the past, I didn’t have the ability to render them since my hardware was inadequate to do it in a reasonable timeframe.

Smoke Tower_blue

Smoke Tower_blueBeginning with a basic gravity-based smoke flow object, I increased the “divisions” (resolution of the voxel data) of the smoke domain. This took a little more time. But still very reasonable to achieve for many.

Smoke Tower_Cycles_nodesOne tweak that was particularly intriguing for me here was creating a thick, defined smoke density. I experimented with contrast and gamma node inputs going into the volume absorption and volume scatter nodes.

Smoke Tower_blue_highlights

I continued to experiment with a mix shader node allowing for fresnal and layer weight nodes, allowing me to mix an emission shader on the edge of the smoke volume.

All of rendering was done in Blender. Some editing was done in GIMP, and some filters were used in certain images in the Microsoft Photos app.

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