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Posts from the ‘Opinions’ Category

Synthetic People Precipice

2 Mar 2019


Synthetic People Backdrop.pngGordon Moore had first forecasted what would popularly come to be known as “Moore’s Law”, adopted as the industry standard for microchip/technology developers. By extension, software is easily placed in that same era, most significantly with the progression of the internet. Read more

What Are Heroes Made Of?

26 Dec 2018


Music by Rynos Theme Kevin MacLeod (
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There has been a mass fascination in Hollywood on the hero persona. Marvel and DC films are given virtually limitless production budgets with their box-office showings almost always assured a lucrative return. True, it seems this statement is: Heroes are larger than life. Read more

Walking a Bridge over Impossible

31 Aug 2018


bridgeblogpostI recently entered a new season of life. It follows a season of great anticipation. In some ways, it represents a lifestyle I have long been looking forward to, but also represents a level of independence and individuality I have not previously had to dwell in. I have seen many seasons and experience many things – not something most in their thirties wouldn’t be able to claim. But this new season has been a dive into a mysterious new dimension of beginnings. During and after my arrival, I have receiving welcoming greetings and genuine courtesy, but my heart knows people are designed to reach beyond that. I have struggled to find a place amidst the unfamiliar populace, and yet hold no expectations for anything more than surface greetings. Read more

Loving Neighbor as Self

3 Aug 2018


Loving Neighbor As Self wordcloud

Following up on a good men’s group meeting last night, I felt compelled to commit some thoughts to writing. In response to a question by the Pharisee’s regarding the greatest commandment – Jesus responded with

“Love The Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind… The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the prophets depend on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22:37-39)

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Local Fanboys

13 Mar 2018


Nostalgic Nuances

6 Mar 2018


Nostalgic Nuances wordcloud_banner.jpg

I recently started listening to a podcast on Google Play called “Heavyweight”. While I had a hunch of what it would entail, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the amount of nostalgia, casually-informal clichés, and a more contemplative perspectives. However, I was surprised, despite

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God Focused or God’s Perspective

14 Feb 2018


        God's Perspective_bannerOne of the most common things to hear among Christians are statements like “I want to get closer to God”, or “I want to serve God more” etc. These are wonderful statements undoubtedly said with admirable intentions (or hopefully they are).

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Intrinsic Value

10 Feb 2018


     Intrinsic_value_banner         Value is an interestingly fluid concept today. Usually a thing is valued if it has admirable characteristics. For instance, Silver is valuable because it has monetary worth. However, raw silver may not be valued if not for that by many people. Many still see silver for it’s potential in a pure, polished form though

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Sacred Worth

8 Jan 2018



Scarcity breeds value. Those things which are rare become that which is sought out so prominently. Value follows the be holder’s eye. Read more

Calibers of Nostalgia

25 Dec 2017


Calibers of Nostalgia_banner.jpgDuring the holiday season, it is easy to slip in to some heavier reminiscing, and I have spent some time occupied in this way. As I surveyed some more cherished past memories, Read more