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Posts from the ‘Short-Stories’ Category

Land of Learning

20 Dec 2016


Land of Learning Banner.png

Demetrius collected his thoughts and rounded one more corner of the structure.  Because a structure of this grandeur couldn’t be hidden from view, he knew that the only time to make any final observations before the grand unveiling would need to be in the middle of the night.  As his eye lingered on the smooth stone and ornate pillars, his memories wandered to his student days under Aristotal.    Read more

Frontier Railroads

24 Jan 2016


Frontier Railroad_banner.png

As the sun beat heartily down on the dry desert prairie land, the pangs and grunts of workers defined the atmosphere. The Railroad tycoons from San Francisco had recruited work-desperate gold-rushers and Chinese immigrant Read more

Superior Authority

4 Dec 2015


intro“Has all of the tribute come in?”, Arapachi asked one of the tribute collectors.  “Nearly; there are some regions that are still being negotiated with.”  The elaborate Inca capital of Cuzco had been the central gearbox of the empire.   Read more

In the midst of fiery

11 Nov 2015



A glimpse into the furnace…

Out in the plain of Dura, a great statue of solid gold was erected. All the officials of the kingdom were summoned. The administrators, the governors, the satraps, the counselors, the treasurers, the judges, and the magistrates; they all came before the great golden object.   A herald cried: “TO YOU IT IS COMMANDED!

Read more

Pursuing Nano

9 Jul 2015



In the not-too-distant future, tech-savvy criminals put national security on high alert with technology that allows the perception of reality to be altered. Read more

Endeavors of the Old World

19 Jan 2014


        An exasperating struggle, cruelly resisting into a decade of devaluation of people half a hemisphere away. Eloquent arrogance and procrastination led the culminating evidence upon the parliament old. “The empire that never sets” they were called. Magnificent, representative occupation was their method of reign, and their claim to world power of the day. The foremost in ecclesiastical, governmental, militarist, and technological – heritage of royalty would soon see it’s imperfections by extreme ignorance of authority. It’s global sway of foreign territories astonishes the world to this day, considering the proportionately-insignificant geography.
        The persisting remains of monarchy are perceived more comically in modern circles. “where is the deep, passionate, heroic patriotism of the citizens of nations?” one calls out. “Where are the loyal servants of the one everlasting King in this technologically-advanced age of 21st century Earth?” It is the character then, of individuals, adhering to an absolute Supreme ruler, who rules by consent of the governed: internally and personally. The radical, epic, gargantuan endeavors of the old world can belong to our generation again – if faith we restore as our wholistic lifestyle.