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Translucent Panes


Revolving Synthesis



Fractal Animation Creation!

28 Mar 2019



Fractal animation videos have been an ambition of mine for about a year now. However, the available (free-to-use) software has made the render time ridiculous. This video marks the end of my searching for a solution to fractal animations in a palatable amount of time. As you can see, the time to render a 10 second video is very reasonable:

Final Render results.png

Furthermore, the potential for creating still fractal images is also impressive here, since one common issue with a lot of the software out there is the limited resolution output. While the animation videos will now be more impressive thanks to the speed increase from GPU rendering, this will also make interactive image adjustments for UHD still renders awesome too!

I’m sure someone will have more knowledge on the topic than me (excluding Mandelbulb’s limited GPU support option). Every artist has their own workflow; Fractorium was just something that was pretty intuitive for me. I’d love to see animations others come up with!

Abstractual Transversal Compilation


Abstractual Transversal Complilation.png

Synthetic People Precipice

2 Mar 2019


Synthetic People Backdrop.pngGordon Moore had first forecasted what would popularly come to be known as “Moore’s Law”, adopted as the industry standard for microchip/technology developers. By extension, software is easily placed in that same era, most significantly with the progression of the internet. Read more

Alien Vistas Fractal Compilation


I found another fractal-editing software worthy of the quality output I have become accustomed to! It is called Jwildfire, and a couple of these were rendered with it. The others were rendered with Mandelbulb3d (MB3d), or recycled old images I revamped with some GIMP layer masking!

Maze Voxelation!

3 Jan 2019


This was another dabbling experiment in MagicaVoxel. I was particularly impressed with the reflective abilities and how changes to the FOV affected it.

Karaoke Skillet “Collide”

2 Jan 2019


This follows an experiment I published several years back that I always wanted to improve upon. There is plenty more work to be done, but this is a step closer to where I hope to get.

What Are Heroes Made Of?

26 Dec 2018


Music by Rynos Theme Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

There has been a mass fascination in Hollywood on the hero persona. Marvel and DC films are given virtually limitless production budgets with their box-office showings almost always assured a lucrative return. True, it seems this statement is: Heroes are larger than life. Read more

Woven Silver Fractal Animation


This is project long in the making. It was a solid 4 weeks of fractal animation rendering, three days of sequence rendering, and subsequent  glitch diagnosing.

Read more