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YWAM Inspire Conference 2016

22 Feb 2016


logo-date1-e1427744268114As part of the YWAM Tyler staff, I feel inclined to share this event here.

On March 16-17, YWAM Tyler will host the third-annual INSPIRE Conference.  This event will will be about coming together to worship, and from that root inspire the nation with the gospel of Jesus.  It is an event meant to bring clarity about what God’s Kingdom should look like today.  There will be practical training in many of the spheres of influence in our society, and a couple of outreach opportunities as a means of practical response.  I had the privilege of singing as a baritone last year in the choir. Best of all – it’s free!

Indepentant Governence

10 Jan 2016


Indepentant_GovernenceIt has long been an impression of mine that our nation, (in it’s current predicament) needs a resolution. One that is permanent. Fortunately, an easily actionable strategy is already worded in our own Declaration of Independence. Read more

Ministry Video Blog

8 Aug 2015


Just starting preparation for teaching subjects from principles in 2015!  This video actually represents a veritable *heap* of learning in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor (VSE).  I am excited to be able to share updates like this, though I hope to have the process *much* more streamlined in the future!

American Christian Education

20 Oct 2014



When Education is expanded upon, it is deals with much more then simply the transformation of facts – it is delivering a belief system, and one that will reach out to as far as the nation’s civil government. Read more