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Posts tagged ‘Augmented Reality’

Augmented Reality Perspective

5 Jan 2016


Augmented Reality Creativity_cover

Augmented Reality is a major hit, with financial backing to solidly illuminate it’s future Read more

Holographically-Projected Future of Technology

16 Jul 2015


“Microsoft Research bets on a ‘no-touch’ future of wearable devices”,

Microsoft ushered society into the future with the introduction of not-so-insignificant technology: Seemingly live 3d holograms.  What does this mean for us? Read more

Pursuing Nano

9 Jul 2015



In the not-too-distant future, tech-savvy criminals put national security on high alert with technology that allows the perception of reality to be altered. Read more

Watch “Microsoft HoloLens: Holographic Academy and Project Origami” on YouTube

5 Jul 2015


Augmented Reality Lenses

10 Sep 2014