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Posts tagged ‘Blender’

Move Moving Fractals!

5 May 2019


This project brought together several software programs. I began with Fractorium for the alpha fractal image sequence, then used Blender 2.8 (beta) to create the background using only Cycles shader nodes. Fractorium Still.png

This was the first real project I did in Blender 2.8. Blender 2 8.pngAfterward, I composited them together in Natron and added some special effects. As can be seen in the screenshot, I went back-and-forth experimenting with floating-orb particles eventually deciding against them.


At the beginning, The “sliding screenshot panes” were a learning opportunity for me in that I used the “holdout” cycles shader node for the first time! Blender.png

New site Logo

26 Nov 2018


This has long been an ambition of mine, but never really materialized until now. This Logo I actually feel qualifies as a visual representative of this blog, and ironically enough is partially composed of an object created in yet another Opensource design program: Incendia.

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Smoke Simulation Renders!

17 Nov 2018


Smoke simuations have been an area of interest of mine for a long time. In the past, I didn’t have the ability to render them since my hardware was inadequate to do it in a reasonable timeframe.

Smoke Tower_blue Read more

Aqua Flush

11 Nov 2018


Aqua Flush Spash page1

I apologize posts have been infrequent lately. I have been pretty busy since the beginning of the Fall with work.

That said, I have been really interested in returning to colored fluid renders like this. I experiment with a couple of different looks, different render sample rates and simulation settings. Read more

Abstract Artist Desk


Nothing spectacular – but I was drawn to a scene with a cool chair and desk. Finished in about one night. All assets are my own.

Sci-fi corridor


This was an experiment with normal and black/white heightmaps. Everything was hand-drawn. I attempted some more adventurous post-composited, but I’m not sure the Ice turned out correctly in the corridor shot. What’s funny is upon starting the processing work, I realized that the ship looks more like a cray model than a full-sized ship. Rather than trying to imagine it is something it isn’t, I’m going with it as a miniature scene in real space. Enjoy!


’97 Blue Mitsubishi Eclipse


This has been an aesthetic automotive envy of mine since my early high school years. It represents my second attempt at a vehicle in 3d. As always, I take great pride in admitting no outside textures were used for the final render. Here’s a pullout view of the individual objects:

Blue 1997 Eclipse_orthographic wireframe

Photographic Element


Potato prep



Lighting up the night



This was mostly an experiment (recycling an old model) in volumetics. I added volumetic headlights (came out better in the first), and exhaust flames. Spent *way* too long on mostly irrelevant details. Pretty happy with the skills learned though!