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UnProselytizing Evangelism

21 Dec 2016


non-prosletyzing-evangelism_intro_bannerSince it’s inception at the end of Jesus’ life and succession of the power and influence of the Holy Spirit on the earth, there has been an acknowledgement that the actual conversion process of someone into the Kingdom of God occurs by one’s own free will, and through the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit alone.  Read more

Systemizing Reality

3 May 2016


Systemizing Reality_intro_banner.png

It has come to my attention that I have developed an interest in analyzing the “systems” present in many different facets of life.  While It would follow that many things in life do have an absolute design and structure, the pursuit of exhaustive comprehension of a subject reveal other serious questions — such as whether we are capable Read more

Predestined for Adventure

18 Apr 2016



It’s a finicky thing, this life.  We are born with hearts full of curiosity.  We are relentlessly pursuing things that fascinate us.  People begin life full of curiosity, and desiring a journey.  The world is full of the remnants of antiquity;  some antiquated pages of mythical tales remain, Read more

Post Reactivity

17 Mar 2016


Intro_banner.pngIt has become the trend in the current generation to try and find new dimensions or “costumes” for the faith to wear. Generally speaking, the emergent church ideology encourages a kind of “Post reactivity”. Read more

Old world and New

15 Nov 2015


Old World and New

The Roman era marked the distinguishing of a unprecedented new era. Roman culture was complex, but through their empire, something even greater then Roman privileges emerged. Read more

Finding the Saved

29 Aug 2014


When those who are born again discover the life they had always dreamed of

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Idea of Christianity

24 Aug 2014


The internal moral transformation that takes place inside a person’s heart when they make Jesus Lord is more then  a memorable event, it marks a different thinking process.

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Innovation in the modern evangelical Christian sphere

2 Jun 2014


Christians today are largely educated men and women who have gone to university and advanced into a profession to provide for their families. They are skilled at what they do. But they also claim to love Jesus.  So what often happens is that they apply their artistic, intellectual, or physical fines to archaic religious traditional works. The exterior is exquisite no doubt, but the lyrics are just a bit stale for the modern generation. Read more

Objective Christian Excellence

27 Apr 2014



Commited To Excellence

Tanti Ruwani, Flikr

Objective Excellence

Excellence should by no means be reduced to a casual affirmation a vocal recitation, graded assignment, or physical achievement. Excellence is a standard that exists by surpassing the normal quality work of an individual. It is the rare, exceptional reach of the individual that is exhibited by committing their heart, mind, and physical dimensions into a determined end-goal focus. It is thus determined by the individual. But the conscience should be sending red flags as to when work is really above and beyond “good” or not. While it is categorized individually, excellence can be seen in others, when the quality level shows signs of extraordinary labor and attention. Read more