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Posts tagged ‘Economy’

Intrinsic Value

10 Feb 2018


     Intrinsic_value_banner         Value is an interestingly fluid concept today. Usually a thing is valued if it has admirable characteristics. For instance, Silver is valuable because it has monetary worth. However, raw silver may not be valued if not for that by many people. Many still see silver for it’s potential in a pure, polished form though

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Education Into Oblivion

6 Jul 2017


Education is an overemphasized, and largely misunderstood phenomenon in our world today, as I see it. It is the goal of parents to bring their children to the socially-prescribed standard of the society around them.


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Logic of Professionalism

13 Mar 2017


Logic of Professionalism_bannerThe habitual activities of a civilized society is perhaps characteristic of it’s longevity.  Individuals long-experienced in a given profession understand the need to preserve the formal nature of the job.  Garbage collection doesn’t have a very dynamic nature; rather, collection occurs at the same time every week, although minor fluctuations may occur due to traffic on public roadways.  Read more

Reverse-Engineering from Creation

18 Jul 2016


Reverse-Engineered from Creation_bannerSome of the greatest discoveries of science are ironically some of the oldest landmarks of the universe.  We are now capable of seeing both the astronomical immensity of the universe, and the minute complexity of the atom.  The irony is though, is that these discoveries are  — as science has always been — discoveries.   Read more

Cultivating The Wild

19 May 2016



It was apart of our Creator’s initial assignment for man to cultivate the land and care for the beasts of the field.  It is an invitation for us today in the 21st century to rediscover what it means to be human – to be innovators of a project larger then ourselves.  Such a project would draw us back into a community-focused pioneering spirit of progress that has inspired and given hope to people for centuries.  Read more

Marketing-driven culture

4 Aug 2015


wordle3This day in age, advertisement is big business.  Of course, its nothing new. Products promoted in radio and television commercials have been present since as long as the broadcasting mediums.   Read more

Ideas for Innovation

30 Oct 2014


It is certainly true that idea’s alone do not go very far in the economy, if contribute anything at all. But what happens when good idea’s lead to actions that are self-sustaining? Read more