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Posts tagged ‘history’

What Are Heroes Made Of?

26 Dec 2018


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There has been a mass fascination in Hollywood on the hero persona. Marvel and DC films are given virtually limitless production budgets with their box-office showings almost always assured a lucrative return. True, it seems this statement is: Heroes are larger than life. Read more

Land of Learning

20 Dec 2016


Land of Learning Banner.png

Demetrius collected his thoughts and rounded one more corner of the structure.  Because a structure of this grandeur couldn’t be hidden from view, he knew that the only time to make any final observations before the grand unveiling would need to be in the middle of the night.  As his eye lingered on the smooth stone and ornate pillars, his memories wandered to his student days under Aristotal.    Read more

Unfinished Narrative

18 Mar 2016



What is ahead in the adventure?

The story present in the Bible is often missed amongst the stories of the individuals in the Bible. The reality is the Bible itself is a limited picture of the grand epic of this relational adventure with God. Read more

Post Reactivity

17 Mar 2016


Intro_banner.pngIt has become the trend in the current generation to try and find new dimensions or “costumes” for the faith to wear. Generally speaking, the emergent church ideology encourages a kind of “Post reactivity”. Read more

Indepentant Governence

10 Jan 2016


Indepentant_GovernenceIt has long been an impression of mine that our nation, (in it’s current predicament) needs a resolution. One that is permanent. Fortunately, an easily actionable strategy is already worded in our own Declaration of Independence. Read more

Conduit of Intimacy

11 Dec 2015


Ultimate good_feature_imageThe oldest written languages ironically share a similar name to one supreme God. For the Israelites, it is Yahwey, but another name for Him, articulating His high, supreme status is El-Shaddai. Read more

Old world and New

15 Nov 2015


Old World and New

The Roman era marked the distinguishing of a unprecedented new era. Roman culture was complex, but through their empire, something even greater then Roman privileges emerged. Read more

Explaining logistical gaps

1 Nov 2015


Unclarified_gaps_bannerFor so many, supposed gaps in the Bible have led to frustration, arguments, and parting ways with God.  Read more

American Christian Education

20 Oct 2014



When Education is expanded upon, it is deals with much more then simply the transformation of facts – it is delivering a belief system, and one that will reach out to as far as the nation’s civil government. Read more

The Cross and the Savior

16 Oct 2014


How important is the Cross to Christ? Read more