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Posts tagged ‘Holy Spirit’

Not of My Own Initiative

20 Feb 2016



There are certain passages recorded in Scripture preserving the ministry of Jesus today that continuously catch me off guard. I, like His twelve original disciples, am confused by things like His statement of “eating His flesh, and drinking His blood” in Jn. 6:53. Read more

Breath of Life

18 Aug 2015



The breath of God – a question of immortality.

It there some greater understanding of the connection of “the soul”, the “Image of God”, and the physical DNA code in man that permits him to experience eternity?  What precisely happened when God “breathed life” in the Adam? Read more

Christian Scholarship

23 Apr 2014


The Spirit of God should be the basis, foundation, and ultimate premise that the Christian is led by, and immersed in. His whole life is driven by the One who created him, restored him, and daily fills him. Read more