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Posts tagged ‘Hope’

Lingering Remnant of Hope

15 Dec 2016


Lingering Renant of Hope_banner.pngThough there is darkness present in the world, most still gravitate to some residual, jaded image of hope  Read more

Belief Activated Prophecies

19 Nov 2016


Belief Activated Prophecies_Intro Banner.png

Our society is a mixed bag when it comes to destiny and fate.  We are really unsure what is ahead for us, even though many confidently predict near future economic and political conditions.  Our post-modern society has tended to migrate towards a cynical and negative view of our world, people, themselves, and God (or the idea thereof).  Read more

God: The Unseen Source

11 Aug 2015


Beneath the surface

Beneath the surface

When a flower grows, a building is constructed, or curriculum is developed – some is present at the core.  For the flower, its a seed, and that seed grows up out of the ground, but half of the plant (a vital half) is unseen under the ground.   Read more

Driving Idea’s

20 Aug 2014


An Idea leads to a decision, decision leads to action, action to habit, and habit to lifestyle. It begins way back in the foggy neurological-fabricating center of our being. But at the end, it determines how we go about life.

Some would say it is who we are. In either case, idea’s are influential. Read more

Faith, Hope, and Love

19 Aug 2014


Abstract of Faith, Hope, and Love

The moral principles defined in Scripture are a reflection of something that resonates deep inside each of our souls. Yet, these are principles that are understood as practical on a natural level as well. Faith is a vision of what is not yet physical reality, yet trusted on as if it were. Hope is the endurance factor to is somewhat attached with imagination. Love is that deep absolute, and universally recognizable force creates, rather then destroys. Read more