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Posts tagged ‘Innovation’

Darkness for the Night

17 Nov 2017


Darkness for the night_banner.jpgIn a generation where society is attracted climatic episodes, glimmering effects, and relatable characters, darkness appears to rise as an evermore appropriate theme. The vigilante of Gotham of an older generation now has a motion picture of his dark hours of adolescence.


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Not Locked In Forever…

19 Feb 2016



Our present Economic Situation is none-other-than a tightly-wadded piece of intrapersonal fabric. Since there is a debt pressure looming ominously over the horizon – employers and economic strategists are right in pushing a heavily capitalistic front. Those who can innovate will catch the bulk of the market. Read more

Ideas for Innovation

30 Oct 2014


It is certainly true that idea’s alone do not go very far in the economy, if contribute anything at all. But what happens when good idea’s lead to actions that are self-sustaining? Read more

Driving Idea’s

20 Aug 2014


An Idea leads to a decision, decision leads to action, action to habit, and habit to lifestyle. It begins way back in the foggy neurological-fabricating center of our being. But at the end, it determines how we go about life.

Some would say it is who we are. In either case, idea’s are influential. Read more

God and Technology

18 Jul 2014


Blender Screenshot


Where is God at with cutting-edge gadgets, innovation, and the sophistication of our modern world?

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