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Posts tagged ‘Language’

Culture Code: Langauge

24 Mar 2017


Culture_Code_LanguageCulture is a conglomeration of various factors and social frequencies that reflects a corporate community of individuals.  Language reflects something generally considered exclusive to the human race – having produced elaborate political and civil structures, and economic interactions.  Read more

Rhema and Logos Word of God

10 Jul 2016


Intro_banner.pngThere has been no shortage of reference in the last six months, for a frame of temporal reference, as to the amount of times I have heard the Bible, or written word, called “The Word of God”.  And I try as often as I can to insert all of the caveats that go along with the exclusivity of the Written, or “Logos” word being God’s Word alone.  Read more

Relational Interaction

10 Mar 2016



Relational Categories

Communication today is multifaceted. People relate in numerous ways, whether they are conscious of it or not. From my perspective, two different categories of relational interaction exist: Communication, and Language. Read more

Percieving Worldview Systems: Ministry Update

15 Feb 2016


DSC_0097We are approaching the end of the 3rd quarter at Christian Heritage, and there is talk of outdoor events. Spring will be the host of such events as the Spring Program, Track and Field Day, and our first CHS Talent Show (Secondary)! Read more

Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers

29 Jan 2016


Breaking Barriers_Banner

In Genesis 11, there was only one language spoken by all people in the entire world. The people used their communication skills to pridefully build a “tower of defiance” (Tower of Babel). Thus, God saw this as not good, and confused their languages to restrict evil. Read more

Radiance: A Ministry Update

24 Jan 2016


Radience Science unit bannerWe are approaching the half-way point for the third quarter, and we just finished our “chemistry” unit.  Students made really spectacular atomic structure models of elements of their own choosing from the periodic table (with one who encountered some Read more

Conduit of Intimacy

11 Dec 2015


Ultimate good_feature_imageThe oldest written languages ironically share a similar name to one supreme God. For the Israelites, it is Yahwey, but another name for Him, articulating His high, supreme status is El-Shaddai. Read more

Defined Potential

4 Nov 2015


Defining Potential

There was a time anything not easily tangible physically or intellectually was once considered spiritual.  Now math has revealed many mysteries of the universe – but is it any less spiritual? Read more

Lingual Roots

24 Feb 2015


Our language today is saturated in the languages from of old.  It is prudent to understand this in theory of course, but more attribution could be given.  Read more

The Science of Language

6 Dec 2014



Does using correct language contribute to a sharper populace?  Does using correct language contribute to better learning?

Read more