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Posts tagged ‘Psychology’

Calibers of Nostalgia

25 Dec 2017


Calibers of Nostalgia_banner.jpgDuring the holiday season, it is easy to slip in to some heavier reminiscing, and I have spent some time occupied in this way. As I surveyed some more cherished past memories, Read more

Human Nature, Human Spirit

18 Apr 2017


Human_nature_human_spirit_banner_smallWhile there are actions that take place on a primal, primitive level from instincts of men, there are deeper ideas that precede those actions from the human spirit.  Read more

Artificial Soul?

21 Mar 2017


Artificial_Soul_bannerThis generation has seen the incredible advance of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and now, quantum computing.  Thanks can be given
to Read more

Informed Understanding

14 Mar 2017


Informed_Understanding_intro_banner_small.pngThe information age dawned some thirty years ago with the prospect of the World Wide Web.  Prior to this, Newspaper Syndicates, Academic Institutions, and the Entertainment Industry have inundated the world with the comings-and-goings of facts, pop culture, and true-story occurrences.  Read more

Transformational Influence

6 Jan 2017


Transformational Influence.png

What kinds of things sincerely affect you, even change your core worldview/lifestyle? Are they generally things that others have invited you into corporately, or things someone has specifically directly towards you? Read more

Belief Activated Prophecies

19 Nov 2016


Belief Activated Prophecies_Intro Banner.png

Our society is a mixed bag when it comes to destiny and fate.  We are really unsure what is ahead for us, even though many confidently predict near future economic and political conditions.  Our post-modern society has tended to migrate towards a cynical and negative view of our world, people, themselves, and God (or the idea thereof).  Read more

Significant Influences

24 Jul 2015


What are some of the influences on your thought life?  Do you acknowledge the subtle ones?  What about why they stayed there in the first place?

Subconscience Belief Results

6 Nov 2014


man-69283_1280Are actions the result of beliefs that are mentally registered and self-projected, or are they the result of subconsciously-chosen beliefs? Read more

Inductive reasoning, Intuition, and Pschology

23 May 2014


Conclusions made from demographic case studies may have some significance for a percentage of people, but then it may simply be the spontaneous choices of free-will bearing individuals Read more